Silence in the Library

Client: Northumberland Libraries

Status: Shortlisted Competition

Mailen Design were shortlisted in an open competition to design a listening pod for libraries across Northumberland.

Silence in the library should be an inclusive space which embodies a sense of calm but also intrigue, inviting visitors to step inside and become immersed in their environment.

A simple ‘solid’ and understated timber box arrives to the space over night. A pulsating glow is omitted from the edges to invite people to look inside. Upon opening they are welcomed by an undulating acoustic surface in calming pastel
colours. Natural lighting from above maintains a connection to the exterior without distractions.

A womb like form creates seating, a surface for reading and a space to listen, occupy and reflect. An acoustically perforated skin to the exterior of the box absorbs surrounding noise within the library and contrasts with the colours and
forms of the interior.

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