Meadows Nursery

Client: Meadows Nursery

Status: On Site, completing winter 2018

Eco Nursery on green-belt site

This re-modelling of an agricultural site creates nursery provision for children aged 6 months to 5 years in stunning Northumberland farmland. The building takes the place of a demolished stable block and makes new connections to a stone farmhouse refurbished for occupation by a live-in caretaker.

The greenfield site presents a rare opportunity to build in this location and offers fantastic views of the surrounding countryside. The building is arranged to frame this scenery while providing generous internal spaces and exterior play areas for children in a protected south facing garden. The scale and form aim to inspire associations of home, breaking up the massing to reduce the impact on the green belt and capitalising on potential for solar gain and natural ventilation.

The crisp volumes of the building are constructed using precision-cut Structural Insulated Panels (SIP’s) that are clad in carefully detailed natural materials that complement the rural setting while remaining recognisably contemporary. The nursery’s ecological performance is further enhanced by a number of sustainable technologies including solar hot-water heaters, rainwater capture and ground source heating.

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