Digital Urban Playground

Derwent London, Future Reception Competition
Shortlisted September 2013

Working on this competition entry was a fantastic opportunity to develop ideas of how large buildings can be knitted into the city.

In our proposal the distinction between workplace and city is blurred in the transitional reception space: aspects of the streetscape are brought inside to blend with elements of the office, that are brought downstairs. We suggest this blurring of public and private can help break-down psychological barriers of entering a large office lobby and create a more welcoming environment.

The Old Street context is embraced by embedding work of the area’s digital industries. Installations in and around the building provide a democratic platform for media enterprises to display onto, turning street and lobby into changing digital galleries. A series of innovative new technologies are proposed to further aid and humanise arrival and departure.

Materials of the building structure  were investigated and either incorporated or thoughtfully re-finished. The reception space becomes an active and inclusive area through its celebration of local digital industry and its careful reuse of existing building elements.

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