Cambridge Extension

Client: Private

Status: Completed June 2016

Extension and refurbishment of family home in Cambridge.

This project adds five new rooms to a 1930’s house to create a flexible suite of spaces, each with a distinct character that can adapt to a variety of uses. The interconnected network of high ceilinged rooms encourages movement between places and chance encounters between members of the family. No areas are used solely for circulation; all spaces can be occupied and inhabited. At the core of the house are two new middle-rooms with a strong sense of connection to the rest of the home and a special atmosphere full of natural light.

The exterior elevation is made of curved brickwork piers, requiring high levels of craftsmanship to construct with 21st Century environmental performance. Handmade brick forms deep reveals to windows and doors, creating tangible thresholds and giving a rich texture and rhythm to the building. This façade makes a positive contribution to the character of the garden, forming a new edge that feels both solid and delicate, protective and open.

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